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Dear Dr. Joy

I am writing to you about new introductions that you may get from time to time.

When I returned home I had the need to see my local Doctor who asked me how things progressed with the treatment
you gave me. I showed him the results and advised him how happy I was with the attention you gave me and
the great service from all your staff.

He has been to Thailand before I believe and requested your details. It may well be that he could introduce other
clients apart from visiting you with his family in the future.
I have suggested to him that he should write to you if he has the need or has clients that may wish to
consider your services.

I just felt that you should know I have taken the liberty and photo copied
your business card and passed the details on to him.

For future reference his name is : Dr. Tim Craven

I am unable to give you his personal address or details except to say his surgery is in Maroochydore here in
Queensland where I live at the moment. A very good Doctor who is extremely popular with his clients.

I trust the above meets with your satisfaction.
My teeth are fine thank you.

Best regards
Stuart Thomas


Dear Dr Joy, 

MY patient"s friend went to see you his name is Stewart Thomas. he returned here last night ,
I thought he was a younger man, however he is mature !!! he is VERY happy with your dentistry and so
I thank you once again for your wonderful service how are you .
I hope you are fine , all is good here I went to Sydney for the past week end and saw my aunt for
her 100th birthday, wow that is pretty good dont' you think?

Fond regards


Hi how are you?

I had a dental examination yesterday in California. The dentist told me that the crowns on my teeth looked very good.
She wanted to know who did such a good work. I just thought you would be happy to hear that.

Regards from Edward Dukett

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